Are you sick of spam? 
Tired of opening your email only to find emails about penis enlargement
pills, free access to see porn or how to re-finance your home loan?

Fight back - stop spam NOW for free!

With this program you can stop these emails coming into your inbox, you 
can get rid of them without even downloading them! Transform your
inbox from a junk infested mess to the emails you really want!

Packed with advanced features, not found in some programs:
Scan and remove emails before they are downloaded!
Automatic mode so you don't have to lift a finger.
Bounce back spam so your email address appears invalid.
Keep a list of friendly emails so your friends never get blocked out
Keep track of multiple email accounts easily.
Black list emails, whole domain addresses, words and more!
Download updated lists daily.
Check the features section for the complete list

This program is a free yet full featured spam protection
program. We have done extensive research into spam and 
have developed this program to combat it.
Spamaids takes spam removal to the next level!

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