Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a few questions that we have been asked


Does it check hotmail accounts? At the moment no it dosn't check Hotmail accounts, (hotmail has it's own built in spam filter).
What email address's can it check? The program checks pop accounts, so if you use Outlook, Eudora or a program similar then there is a very good chance that it will work. 
Will it acutally stop spam and work? This is the spam blocker that we use, nothing else so we know it works - we know the frustration of finding our emails full of spam, and now we know the delight of finding our emails empty of spam! 
Check out our demo to have a test run.
Am I able to black list subjects and emails myself? Of course, this makes up most of the program the ability to black list. You can also submit your black list to be included in the master list - a collection of everyones list.
Why is it free? We believe that everyone should have protection from spam, we have made the program free but it does include a banner and you are limited to 2 accounts. If you donate anything over $10 then you will get those removed
Is the program hard to use, im not very good computers so will there be support? The program comes with documentation how to get the best out of the program and all of this is written in a way for anyone to understand. Limited support is given via email; people that donate (see here) receive full support.

Click here to download your free copy!
If you didn't find the answer to your question, email us here

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