We have done extensive research into spam and have developed this 
program to combat it. Check out the features below.


Bouce Mail: Sick of getting emails from the same mailing list? Use this feature to bounce back email making it seem your address dosn't exist any more, very quick and easy and the rusults are almost instant.
Automatic mode: Run the program in auto mode andthen you can minimize it to the system tray, it will check your mail for you every x minutes so you don't have to list a finger.

Tray Icon

Friendly List: The friendly list is a list of emails and email domains that you always want to get mail from, no matter what the subject or body has to say about it. You will always get the mail from these people!
Multiple Accounts: We understand that most people have more then 1 email account, thats why Spamaids lets you add, edit, remove more then 1 account.

Multiple Accounts

Black List: Block emails and subjects based on keywords, the program scans complete subject and from feilds for accurate checking, with these methods you can block over 90% of spam and this has been proven to work - fully tested!
Updated Black Lists: Each day an updated black list is posted and can be downloaded and installed with the click of a button. This gives you more firepower against spam. Do you add items to your black list? Submit it in and get them included in the update.
Save Deleted: You can optionaly save the deleted messages to an archive on your computer, then you can go though at you're leasure to make sure that it is all spam then delete them for good.
Log Deleted: You can also keep a track of everything deleted including a count of how many have been deleted. The log file is optional and can be viewed with the built in viewer.
No costs: Spamaids is totally free, you will never be charged to use it.

Click here to download your free copy!

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