Configuring the Options

Here we go though the options screen and take a look at what each of the options do and how they work. It's a good idea to read right though this so you are sure you have it setup how you want.

General Program Options

Load program when windows starts: If this option is ticked, the program will load when your computer starts up. That will it will always be open and ready to go.
Show icon in system tray: If this option is ticked, and icon for the program will show in the system tray (beside the date) that way it takes up less space on your taskbar.
Log details of emails deleted: This option will log (save details) of all emails that are deleted. It's recommended that you have this option enabled. See the section of the help file called 'The Log file' for more information.
Save a copy of deleted emails: If this is ticked the program will save deleted items into a folder named 'Archive' this is useful so you can go back and double check emails. See the section of the help file called 'The Archive' for more information.

Automatic Mode

Perform check and delete every: This is where we set the time between each check and delete, the minimum is 1 minute and can go up to 2 hours.


This is where you can setup and remove accounts. The buttons explain themselves pretty well, for more information about adding, editing and removing accounts see the 'Adding, editing and deleting your accounts' section


Email maked as spam color: When an email comes in, and it's spam - this is the color that it will be listed as. Click the select button to change the color.
Email maked as friendly color: Same as above, but this will be the color of the friendly emails that come in.
Color of the email list: Change the background color of the main email list (main screen) this way you could have spam as white and the backgound color as black. Click select to change color.


This is where you setup bouncing email back to the sender. This is covered in more detail in the 'Bouncing Emails' section of the help file.


Submitting allows you to send in you're black lists to be included in the 'master list' which everyone can download under the updates screen ('Program', 'Check for updates') it's recommended that you submit you're black list weekly if you change it. You must be connected to the internet for this option to work.
Submit: Click this button and the program will send in the black lists. Message will pop-up when done.


Outgoing Mail Server (smtp server): You smtp server, the server you use for sending mail. This should be for the account that you are connected to the internet with. If you are unsure contact your internet provider.
Port: The port for the smtp server, generally 25.
Email Address: This is the email address for the account which smtp server you are using.
If you have any questions regarding this, please email