Settings up accounts

In this section we cover setting up, editing and deleting your email accounts. There are two places to manage your accounts, either though the options window (see options section of help) or though the main menu. In this section we will cover it from the main menu.

*Note - When the program firsts loads a wizard will start and help you though setting up you're first account. If you are unsure of any of the settings, contact your internet service provider.

Adding An Account

The part of the program we are going to be focusing on is the part shown in the image to the left. So to add an account all we need to do is click 'Accounts' then go down to the 'Add Account' option (as you see is selected in the image. Once you click that you will get the screen below open up for you to enter in the settings.
The account name can be anything - but you can't have 2 accounts with the same name. For example, if you had 2 emails accounts on a provider you could call the first account, Providor1 and the second Providor2 but not the same name. The incoming mail server is your pop server, port is 110 but on some providers it may be different. The username, password and email address is the one for the account. Once it's all filled out, click 'Add Account'. If you are unsure about any of these settings, contact your Internet service provider.

Editing An Account

The steps of editing an account are very similar to adding an account.  We click 'Accounts' then go down to 'Edit Account', if we have some setup then they will pop out to the right like it's shown in the image. We then click the account we wish to edit; you then get the window below open.
As I said before it looks very similar to the 'Add Account'. Here you just change the settings, and once done click the Update Account button - the settings will be changed instantly.

Deleting An Account

Deleting an account is done in one step, click 'Accounts' then go to 'Delete Account', if you have an account setup it will pop out to the right, and then you just click it. Deleted.
If you have any questions regarding this, please email